Paisley Rojas *The Dark Rose Of Anime* (neo_shinigami) wrote,
Paisley Rojas *The Dark Rose Of Anime*

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Duo in a dress!!!

Oh lord above,we knew this would happen! LOL

Duo in a dress! ^_^ He's a cross-dresser!!!!

And here's Sailor Duo!  I love it! *laughs herself to DEATH!

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If you like Hiei and Kurama slash, please feel free to join my Hiei X Kurama slash community. It is just starting, so there are very few people.

I hope to see you in the Community.

::kitsune::fox girl::

PS: Oh Golly! I love your Layout, it is absolutely awesome looking.
I'll join right now! ^.^ I love H/K slash! It's tha best ever!!